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Contact information


Garden nursery Río Tollo S.L.

Ornamental plant producer


Barrio de Tollo 47, 36750 Goián, Tomiño – Pontevedra



Decimale degrees:

Latitude: 41.941231
Longitude: -8.777442


Latitude: N  41º  56′  28.432”
Longitude: O  8º  46′  38.791”


Phone: 986 609 709
E-mail: info@riotollo.com

Trading Company information


Coplant Galicia, S.L.

Exclusive sale to professionals


Puente internacional Goián, s/n. 36750, Tomiño – Pontevedra


Phone: 986 621 486
E-mail: info@coplant.es

Web: www.coplant.es

Information and order form


Garden nursery Río Tollo S.L. is an ornamental plant producer that sells exclusively to professionals through the Galician trading company, Coplant.

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