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Rhododentro Black Widow - Río Tollo

The latest innovations of Río Tollo, at the 16th Mostra de Cultivos do Baixo Miño

From the 15th to the 17th of March, we participated in AquaBam Innovation with two new and spectacular varieties of Rhododendron and Camellia


La nueva variedad de Camellia Three Sister de Río TolloInnovate to surprise the public. That is one of the objectives of Viveiros Río Tollo, where we continue working every day to offer our customers new and spectacular products. This 15th, 16th and 17th of March we will be at the 16th Mostra de Cultivos do Baixo Miño presenting two of the novelties this year: the hybrid Rhododendron ‘Black Widow’ and the Camellia japona ‘Three sisters’, two showy varieties that will capture the attention of all those people who go to the Goian Pavilion to enjoy the Mostra.

Singular colors

Within acuBam Innovation, Río Tollo will present its Rhododendron ‘Black Widow’, a variety with one of the most unique color combinations that exists: a mixture between black and brown with a dark burgundy throat and white-tipped anthers. A spectacular flower that opens in the middle or end of April revealing an intense dark tone that contrasts with the green of its own leaves, which makes it the main protagonist of the garden.

Color is another of the characteristics of our Camellia ‘Three Sisters’, a new and exciting composition of Camellia able to combine in a single plant three varieties with three different colors of fully harmonized flower. Work and innovation to offer the public the perfect pairing between specimens, which grow and flourish at the same time to form a balanced plant and provide an authentic spectacle of color.

Come to the pavilion of Goián to see these and other of our wonderful products. We’ll wait for you!