Welcome to the large succulent, the mangave!

En Río Tollo continuamos innovando para ofrecer a nuestro público nuevas variedades y cultivos

Welcome to the large succulent, the mangave!

At Rio Tollo we continue to innovate in order to offer our public new varieties and cultivars

They are a lucky accident: a hybrid of manfreda and agave that grew by chance. An unintentional cross-pollination that now brings us the mangave, a large succulent that has kept the best of each family: the bearing, durability and architectural form of the agave, the colouring and mottling of the manfreda. And now they are also part of the Rio Tollo family.

On our way to innovate and offer new varieties to our public, this new crop has already found an important place in our facilities and in our hearts. They are beautiful hybrids of great growth, soft to the touch and with a great visual movement that make them the perfect complement for gardens or drier spaces with infrequent or moderate watering.

Its variety of tones, shapes and leaves, its sun tolerance, its easy cultivation and its good growth make it an essential plant in the collection of any gardening lover.

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