El origen
Coplant Galicia

Joaquín, Santos, Soles y Jose, founded VIVEIROS RIO TOLLO, S.L. in 1999.

Co-founders of the Coplant garden centre group, which is a result of the unión of four wholesale nurseries of the región for the common comercialization of their productions.

High expansión and investments in new and modern production systems.

We have 30 Has of cultivation lands and over 1.5 million plants of anual production.

Maximum quality

Professionalism and continuous training of our human team, made up of 48 workers, ensures a stable production of the highest quality and uniformity. Close staff and workers dedicated to customer service define our way of being.

Our mission

Satisfying the needs of customers, providing products and services of the highest quality, managing all areas in a way that will generate value for the company as well as for the environment.

Our vision

To be a recognized nursery by its customers, employees, suppliers and all interest groups related to the agricultural activity as leader in R & D, quality and service at European level.

Our values

Passion and trust

In RIO TOLLO you will find passionate staff, proud happy and satisfied to achieve their aims due to hard work and constant. As we understand it, work is related to flexibility, adaptation and evolution, promoting personal development. Using cooperation and developing human teams to share different tasks, intereses and emotions.

Environmental care

Our environmental aim is to balance our production activity with the nature of which we are part. We carry out our work in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, without threatening conservation and using Good Agricultural Practices protocols and Integrated Production Systems.

Retail is Detail

Active listening, learning and constant evolution to the smallest detail to give an inminent response to the needs of our customers. Serve our customers demanding the highest level of quality and continuous improvement. Personal relationships based on trust, closeness and mutual respect.

Efficient service all year round

RIO TOLLO, in cooperation with three other nurseries of the region and about 20 collaborators, is a partner of the commercial group COPLANT GALICIA, thanks to which we can offer fresh and first quality plant all year round. We have a dedicated sales team that will be happy to assist you and guide you the 52 weeks of the year.


José Collazo Alonso
Mariví Álvarez Fernández
Marketing and Purchasing Manager
Santos Rodríguez Ozores
Director Comercial
Mª Soledad Rodríguez Ozores
Responsable de personal
Pilar Abuín Álvarez
Andreia Machado Da Costa
Departamento Técnico