Hortensia paniculata

Discover our paniculata, the most sun-resistant hydrangea

Colorful plants are also for summer. A sample of this is our hydrangea paniculata, a variety of hydrangea that not only fills any corner in which it is placed, but also is resistant to direct light and heat. They are the hydrangeas of the sun.

And in the desire of Río Tollo to continue innovating and offering the public new products, in the nursery we are testing new varieties of these hydrangeas, which at this time of year are in full bloom. Usually it is made to wait and its flowers begin to be seen later than in the rest of hydrangeas, nevertheless, once they begin to appear they fall in love to anyone. Thus, from July to October our paniculatas surprise by their conical clusters, which give the name, but also by their light colors, ranging from cream tones to a more intense pink.

If in any other variety of hydrangea water is important, in the paniculata more: in summer, being in full sun requires a more regular and abundant watering to get to maintain a stable humidity without getting to flood the area.

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