Diva Fiore®, la hortensia de flores infinitas

Diva Fiore®, the infinite flower hydrangea

We continue experimenting to bring our clients original plants with special characteristics that make them different from other varieties. On that path to innovation is where the Diva Fiore® is located, a new hydrangea with infinite flowers. In pink, violet or blue, the Diva Fiore® is always the focus of attraction for gardens, terraces or balconies with its robust and magnificent flowers that bloom again and again from May to November.

No need to be afraid to prune it and collect its large clusters of colorful flowers to place in a vase and dramatically decorate any corner. With each cut its flowers sprout and reassemble the plant. Even without pruning, the Diva Fiore® will amaze by sprouting bright new flowers.

It is a plant that likes sunny or partially shaded places, that can be planted in pots or directly in the garden and that prefers humidity, always being careful not to puddle it. Minimal care that guarantees six months of continuous flowers and lasting joy!