This Christmas is all about red with our elegant Azalea Hortinno interior

Striking, with abundant and large flowers, colorful … the azalea is one of the favorite plants to decorate the home during the Christmas season, since its elegant and beautiful appearance captures all eyes regardless of the corner in which it is placed. If it is also one of our indoor varieties of Azalea Hortinno, then it is a safe bet.

In Viveiros Río Tollo we work a wide variety of Hortinno for home, a plant with unique colors, although the queen of this Christmas will undoubtedly be red. And it is that any plant of the range of Hortinno is synonymous of bloom extra long, with between 6 and 12 weeks of flower; guaranteed flower all Christmas and innovation, with new and improved species grown ecologically. In addition, they are plants with distinctive characteristics, such as deliciously shiny leaves and a modern character that seeks comfort for the consumer. Easy to care for, the azalea should only be irrigated by flooding, that is, from below and avoiding wetting leaves and flowers.

The Azalea Hortinno thus becomes the perfect plant to create a pleasant atmosphere during the winter season. Its abundant and large flowers fill any corner with joy, an exuberance that makes it adapt perfectly to almost any decorative style placed in a pot, in a basket or in centers with several specimens. Perfect to give a new look to the decoration and celebrate these holidays with a note of color.