Catálogo de Hortensias Río Tollo 2020

Get inspired by our new hydrangea catalog!

In Río Tollo we like to surprise our public with all our plants for their quality and for their presentation, both in the garden centers and in the virtual showcase that our website offers. That is why you can already enjoy with the online version of our new hydrangea catalog, a perfect corner to learn about the almost 70 varieties we produce, discover the secrets for its cultivation and find inspiration to decorate new spaces.

In this catalog you can find our 15 standard hydrangea varieties in four unique or even two-color colors, all of undeniable beauty, with large flowers that flood any space with an attractive chromatic explosion. Or the hydrangea collection, a detailed selection of plants with special formats and size, with vibrant and intense colors both in their flower and in their leaves that make them very different from the rest of the varieties.

Indispensable in this catalog is also our paniculata, the variety of hydrangeas most resistant to the sun. Its late blooming fills any corner with light with its conical clusters of light colors.

The Magical Four Season, our most enchanting hydrangea. Its up to 150 days of flowering and the four color changes in its flowers throughout the seasons of the year make it undoubtedly a select, magical and unique plant.

Let yourself be carried away by its explosion of color!