La primavera llama a la puerta

Spring is coming

End of February of any year. We go along the road that connects O Rosal and A Guarda, passing through San Miguel de Tabagón, and something catches our attention. A huge canopy full of voluptuous pinkish flowers on a tree over 30 meters high that can even be seen from the other bank of the Miño. It is the magnolia tree on the Carrera family, a tree over 200 years old that every February surprises with its spectacular flowering, an explosion of color and smell that warns us that spring is about to arrive.

A true festival for the senses, although short-lived, which can only be enjoyed for just a couple of weeks between the end of February and the beginning of March. Because it doesn’t matter whether it rains or thunders, the beauty of this magnolia flowering season has been resisting storms and gales for generations to repeat itself undaunted every year.

Seeing this magnolia soulangeana in full bloom is a natural sight. A unique specimen for its age and dimensions, which make it one of the largest in Europe. Our nurseries also welcome spring with the sprouting of some of our magnolia trees, which we nurture and care for with great care. With more than 30 different varieties of this plant, we cover a wide range of magnolia trees that bloom in different seasons of the year, with species that are very resistant to low temperatures that surprise by the splendor with which they shine even when it is cold.