German producers visit Río Tollo to learn about the sector of the Baixo Miño plant

Río Tollo opens the doors of its nurseries to the rest of Europe. This time it was with the visit of a group of German producers of seasonal plant and outdoor plant and gardening, who have toured our facilities to see first hand how the sector works in the Baixo Miño, an area with particularities and climatic characteristics that make it very different from the Kleve region, located between the Rhine and Meuse rivers.

In their visit to different areas of the nursery, these 22 producers delved into the similarities and differences of the business model in both countries, both in terms of cost and performance and future, a future with common issues such as finding the formula to solve the problem. problem of generational change in the sector. They were also interested in more technical aspects and that these professionals affect in a more direct way due to the climate of the country, such as the temperature differences suffered by the crops, very high in summer and very low in winter, or frost.

It was an enjoyable visit in which good weather accompanied to visit the nursery and enjoy the different crops offered by Río Tollo, which aroused much interest among producers. The tour ended with a very good assessment by the visitors, who were unanimous in highlighting how much learned during the meeting.

One trip every two years

This group of German producers makes a five-day trip every two years through different parts of Europe to make contacts and to promote the exchange of knowledge between them and among professionals in the sector from other countries. On this occasion, in addition to visiting Viveiros Río Tollo will visit different nurseries in Portugal to soak up news and compare production ideas.

However, the underlying objective of these trips is to promote coexistence among producers in the Kleve region, generating confidence and ties of union to face the market in a united way. Therefore, throughout the year they carry out another series of joint activities, such as monthly meetings to address issues such as new problems in the sector or the way in which to face them and solve them.