Recorremos el Algarve para conocer la realidad de los viveros del país vecino

We travel the Algarve to know the reality of the nurseries of the neighboring country

In Viveiros Río Tollo we are curious by nature for that reason, despite having been in the sector for two decades now, we are passionate about continuing to learn every day and discovering news with which to surprise our customers. For this reason, a delegation from the nursery composed of several of our workers was visiting the Algarve last week to visit several nurseries in our neighboring country.

For two days, our colleagues visited different companies, most of them with a reality very similar to that of Río Tollo. This trip gave us the opportunity to share very useful experiences and knowledge for us and helped us to apply a critical sense in everything we do in Río Tollo. A unique way, without a doubt, to unite our workers and make a team.

We want to thank the great reception and all the attention received from the Portuguese companies, as well as the great effort of our team in these intense days of travel.