We renew our catalog of magnolias, with a great extension of varieties

In Viveiros Río Tollo we continue working to present our plants in a simple and elegant way, taking care of every detail, including the showcase. For this reason we present our renewed catalog of magnolia, a catalog that has grown considerably in recent times as the number of varieties that host our facilities has grown.

In this new edition we include eight new varieties (Black Beauty, Cecile Nice, Double Diamond, Jade Lamp, Jaeko, Oriental Night, Satisfaction and Yulan), thus reaching up to 22 different kinds of a species with thousands of varieties. In this catalog all interested people will find a small tour through the history of the magnolias and their advances over time, their needs of location, temperature, pruning or fertilization.

In addition, it collects all the information about its uses, the height that can reach or the time of flowering of these plants, which teach their flowers from March to May but has some varieties that repeat flowering in summer.

Discover all its secrets by entering our catalog of Magnolia Collection 2018!