Río Tollo, 20 años cultivando futuro 
en el Baixo Miño

Río Tollo, 20 years cultivating a future in the Baixo Miño

Two decades of history marked by teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement


Two decades of history, two decades of teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement that have defined what Río Tollo is today: a company that is committed to the future of Baixo Miño, with a wide staff of environmental workers, with a sustainable and respectful activity with the natural environment in which it is located and which leader in R&D at the European level, taking the name of Tomiño beyond the borders of Galicia.

The germ dates back to the year 99. The first greenhouses begin to fill and with them to grow a company that sought to “give wealth, work to the area and diversify agricultural activity” and that quickly opened to Europe in search of new ideas, new products and new initiatives with which to continue growing. It was Europe that opened the doors to what is now one of its reference crops, the camellia, a plant that adapts perfectly to the climate of the Baixo Miño and that over the years has managed to place all the maps to the region.

Río Tollo began to grow, sometimes without haste, sometimes almost overwhelmingly, but always with a heterogeneous and balanced team behind that has given Río Tollo a stamp of seriousness, quality, innovation and courage that is exported throughout the Baixo Miño, valuing what is done in the region. They are two decades growing while their workers and the environment grow, betting on people, with a dedicated team of workers, passionate about their work, proud of what they do and in constant training and evolution.

Río Tollo was born as a humble business project and has become a great family proud of what it has achieved with work and effort. A business model based on the care of the environment, active listening, learning, closeness and a spirit of cooperation that led them to join with other nurseries to create the first plant marketer of the Baixo Miño, Coplant. After 20 years of effort now comes the time to face new challenges and dreams. Greater technification, better organization and structuring in key points, continuous improvement … without forgetting to dignify work, improve the quality of life of people working in Río Tollo and living with the environment.

It has been 20 years of intense work, of laughter and tears, of many moments of euphoria and disappointment, of overcoming adversities and continuing to fight against all odds. Two decades of history that would not have been possible without all those people who have placed their trust in Rio Tollo over these years.