Visita das persoas participantes na xornada "O turismo no contexto transfronteirizo Cerveira - Tomiño" organizada pola Eurocidade Cerveira-Tomiño. Grazas pola visita!

Río Tollo, within the visits organized in the day ‘Tourism in the cross-border context’ of the Eurocidade Cerveira-Tomiño

To the people participating in the day ‘Tourism in the cross-border context Cerveira-Tomiño’, organized by the Eurocidade Cerveira-TOmiño, visited the facilities of Viveiros Río Tollo.

The objective of the conference was to debate on erasing the notion of the border between Galicia and Portugal to attract tourism and take advantage of the resources and economic activity that take place in the area.

Pleased to open our doors to this initiative!