The Magical Hydrangea fill an international congress in Vigo with color

The Magical Hydrangea fill an international congress in Vigo with color

The hydrangea Magical of Viveiros Río Tollo fill with color the VI International Symposium on Marine Science, ISMS, an international congress that gathers more than 500 researchers in the Mar de Vigo Auditorium for three days.

Rooms, main hall, poster area… are decorated with this colorful, elegant, durable hydrangea and with a great secret inside: its flower changes color up to four times. It is a variety of hydrangea with spectacular colors that cause a sensation in gardens and balconies and that can have up to 150 days of flowering, depending on the area and climate. A natural spectacle of beauty and color that can be enjoyed during the four seasons of the year, from May to November.

Its rounded bouquets full of small and colorful flowers make them an irresistible and perfect plant to decorate large spaces and bring elegance and sobriety to all kinds of events.

Combining greens, pinks, blues and reds of different intensities, the Magical hydrangea is passionate for its multicolored flowers, which vary in hue as the seasons progress.

For years, Viveiros Río Tollo has opted for this variety of hydrangea, of which it is the exclusive producer for Spain and Portugal. It is an ornamental plant that reaches the market to make a difference with respect to the rest of hydrangeas due to its peculiar characteristics and which reaches the gardens of the Iberian Peninsula thanks to the constant effort and investment in R + D + i to achieve a plant more resistant, easy to care and with a prolonged and abundant flowering.