Viveiros Río Tollo, host of the European producers of ‘Hydrangea Magical’

Viveiros Río Tollo, host of the European producers of ‘Hydrangea Magical’

The ‘Hydrangea Magical’ is such a special plant that its production is in the hands of a select group of European growers, who are responsible for ensuring its quality. Viveiros Río Tollo belongs to that exclusive group, which these days met in the Baixo Miño to see first hand how is its cultivation in this corner of the map.

Viveiros Río Tollo acted as host in the annual meeting of these producers to the different nurseries that work with ‘Hydrangea Magical’, in which they took the opportunity to visit so many facilities of this nursery as the Coplant Galicia group, to which Río Tollo belongs.

In addition to the environment, Viveiros Río Tollo stands out for its constant effort and its strong investment in R & D to find more resistant, easy-care products with long and abundant blooms. In this work, it has become the nursery that has the exclusivity of production and sale of the ‘Hydrangea Magical’ for outdoor throughout Spain and Portugal. Their priority is the sustainable growth of their crops, in a process of continuous improvement and with respect to the environment.

A unique plant

The ‘Hydrangea Magical’ is a plant that is characterized mainly by its colorful flower and its long flowering, up to 150 days depending on the area and climate. But it also stands out for having a multicolored flower that changes its tone as the seasons progress, turning gardens and balconies into a natural spectacle of beauty and brushstrokes of color. Combining greens, pinks, blues and reds of different intensity this hydrangea can go from blue to a completely green tone, showing a violet color before, adapting the colors of gardens and balconies to the tones of each season.