Camellia Three Sisters, tres variedades, tres colores, una sola planta

Three varieties, three colors, one plant: is the Three Sisters camellia

Constant work and commitment to innovation are two of the hallmarks of Río Tollo, which now comes to the market with a new product that will surprise and make lovers of camellias lovers. The Three Sisters is a new and exciting composition of camellia capable of combining in a single plant three varieties with three different flower colors, all in a completely harmonized way. Three different varieties that adapt perfectly to each other and that results in a single plant with which to fill terraces and gardens with colors.

It has been four years of work to develop a unique product that achieves the perfect pairing between specimens that grow and bloom evenly forming a balanced plant and providing an authentic spectacle of color. With Three Sisters we make available to the public a camellia with a very high ornamental value thanks to its abundant flowering and with a high resistance to pests and diseases, which make it an essential plant.

After 20 years of constant growth, in Río Tollo we continue to work every day to offer our customers new and spectacular products, always betting on R & D & I and the highest quality.