Un jardín lleno de contrastes con nuestros loropetalum

A garden full of contrasts with our Loropetalum

Color and elegance, two words that perfectly describe what our extraordinary Loropetalum are capable of contributing. A bush with spectacular dark, green and coppery leaves, on which different and very decorative flowers contrast: its fuchsia color cascades as if it were a pompom of messy fringes.

In Río Tollo we grow a wide variety of plants so that our clients have copies that fill with light and color every time of the year. And our Loropetalum are a great choice for any time of the year. Not only for being perennial plants of autumn, winter and spring flowering, but also for the versatility offered by its erect, rounded and bushy bearing.

In summer in full sun or half shade and in winter better protected, with the Loropetalum you are never wrong: it looks equally beautiful in a pot in patios and terraces as in the garden, used both as an isolated specimen and forming hedges. A plant that brings color and movement to any corner.

Enter our website to know the three varieties of Lorepetalum that we have in Río Tollo, each one of them particular and elegant: the ‘Black Pearl’, the ‘Fede’ and the ‘Fire Dance’. With our Loropetalum you can boast a garden or terrace all year round!